So called crunchy mama Speaking up!

So called crunchy mama Speaking up!

Many of us grow up thinking the doctors know best and typically they do but not so much in my son’s case.

Since we got pregnant with our first son, Doctor visits have been apart of our lives more than we would like them to be.  It all began with the ultrasounds and perinatal specialists. We were considered high risk during the pregnancy and this meant more ultrasounds than a typical pregnancy. At first we thought, how exciting, more opportunities to see our bundle of joy! What we didn’t know was that excessive ultrasounds can be very harmful. The doctors didn’t know what was wrong but they did know something was different, as far as we were concerned nothing was “wrong”. We knew God had everything under control.

What came next was completely unnecessary, and ignorant. They completely scared us and gave us our “options”. I’m not going to go there but I’m guessing you know the “options”. Seriously!? The only option is to give our precious blessing a fighting chance! They wanted to test for Down syndrome by doing an amniocentesis (which they kept insisting on). They also threw in the fact that an amniocentesis puts our already high risk pregnancy at a higher risk for abortion, I mean miscarriage. This made us nothing more but angry, how could they even mention this? They kept pushing and scaring us but we didn’t budge. This was our first encounter with refusing what the doctors insisted on. Finally they mentioned a blood test where they could draw my blood to test baby’s blood for Down syndrome. So hesitantly we agreed to this test if they would stop the pushing for more. Test results came back negative, the doctors were dumb founded. They insisted on more ultrasounds and we refused! It felt great to tell them no because up until that point I thought what the doctor said went but having a voice felt amazing. We asked if there was anything they could do about our baby’s condition while still in the womb, they said no, so we stuck with our decision and refused more ultrasounds. Because they were so pushy we said we would speak with our OBGYN and see what she said (we trusted her a bit more than them). We spoke with our OBGYN and she agreed one last ultrasound before baby’s estimated arrival date would be sufficient.

During this time my husband and I learned you can question the doctors, you can speak up and you don’t have to agree to their every recommendation. We have since learned so much more and have already been very particular in the way we let doctors care for our son. We’ve learned to do our research, and ask for time to research before we decide anything that has to do with our family’s health. Just because a doctor prescribes you something doesn’t mean it’s best for you or your children. We now know to look for other natural alternatives (that often work better than drugs). I’m not suggesting to completely disregard your doctors but I do suggest to seek alternatives as well as get a second opinion if you don’t feel right about what you hear from the doctors. Go with your gut and let your mama bear kick in!

During this season in our lives God really built our faith up in Him and brought us closer to Him then ever. We learned the power of prayer and how important it is to have a church family.  Our families and church families were very helpful, supportive and encouraging during this time and always. I cannot even began to describe how blessed we are to be saved by His grace. We know that God has a purpose for our lives and it is all for His glory. We believe Liam is heaven sent and pray God uses him to reach people’s hearts, change their views on Jesus and His wonderful miracles.

One last thing i can say, I love our specialty doctors such as our sons neurosurgeon, pediatric cardiologist and his orthopedic doctor. His therapists are pretty awesome too!! They truly love and care about their work and patients. I appreciate our general doctors and pediatricians but is all the scaring necessary?

Thanks for reading,

Mama Gillean 💛


Happy Parenting! I hope you too can speak up not only for yourself but for your children.

The Lord himself goes before you and will be with you; He will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged.  Deuteronomy 31:8


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