Mama knows best!

Mama knows best!

When a doctor recommends treatment or even prescriptions, what is your typical reaction? Up until recently I always went with what they said, trusted that they knew it all and I didn’t question a thing. Here and there I would wonder but to question a doctor, never.

During our last hospital stay with Liam we learned through a swallow study that he was aspirating while drinking breast milk through a bottle. They suggested we try a formula with added rice but we were hesitant because last time he was in the NICU and they gave him formula to fortify the breast milk he got a horrible diaper rash. This rash lasted a week or so and his poor little bum was so raw. Being first time parents we didn’t know what to do other than what the doctors said to do, they prescribed him at least 3 different creams but nothing worked. It was so hard to see our little one in pain and diaper after diaper nothing changing. So back to our last hospital stay, they tried Enfamil AR and he didn’t aspirate while drinking this formula. So formula it was! After telling the nurses he was going to get a bad rash and them not believing, well guess what… HE GOT A RASH!

I was not going to sit back and let them treat him with the same creams they did before, this mama was 6 months in and mama bear was breaking free! I told them no thank you on the creams I will find something better as well as something that was good for the cloth diapers we were using. So I go to the internet and began researching, every where I saw had many different ideas but nothing that i thought would work for him for sure. There’s a little saying I love that says, A worried mom does better research than the FBI and in this case TOTALLY true! The nurse was in aw,  she said that we were right and mentioned it looked yeasty so I made sure to look for something that would help with that as well. So here is what I came up with during all my research.

I went out and found some pure essential oils (EO) as well as coconut oil and made a mixture. I used half coconut oil and about 10 drops each EO in a 15ml amber bottle. I then prayed to God that it would work and heal my son from this terrible rash.

  • Lavender EO
  • Roman Chamomile EO
  • Melaleuca (for the yeast) EO
  • Fractionated Coconut oil (for the yeast)

Sure enough after one application all the redness and puffiness was gone! I couldn’t believe how easy that was and neither could the nurses! After a day it was gone, all of it but I kept applying just to make sure! This worked so well even the doctor asked what I used and wanted the recipe! This was a big one for me! I loved that the Dr. was interested because it showed how much she truly cared for her patients!

All I can say is that in that moment I was so very blessed to be Liam’s mommy and would never look back. I will never again stand back while doctors recommend and do stuff with out asking . I will always be a voice for my son and seek out what is best for him. After all he is Gods child and God has a mighty plan for him.

I’m not saying to completely ignore doctor recommendations but I am saying ask for time to process and ask questions. Don’t just make a decision in that instant because you are worried and scared.

A little update** Its been a year and a half since we started using these oils for our sons bottoms and it works wonderfully! We apply it at the first site of redness and by the next diaper change its all gone. I’m blessed to have found the oils and if your looking for options please email me at I can share with you all that I know and get you started with pure essential oils!

Thank you for reading,

Mama Gillean 💛

You are my refuge and my shield; I have put my hope in you word.

Psalm 119:114

Comment below and let me know what all you mamas use for diaper rash.


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