This won’t be our first rodeo

This won’t be our first rodeo

Since i’ve became a mom researching has became one of my star qualities! When it comes to my baby I want the absolute best for him and that includes keeping a smile on his sweet little face. Liam was born with bi-lateral hip dysplasia which he may need surgery and a cast for very soon. But when Liam was 3 months he had “surgery” to have a spica cast put on to keep his hips in place and help them to heel properly.  I say “surgery” because they didn’t need to cut anything but they did need to place him under anesthesia in order to safely put the cast in place. As a new parent to a 3 month old this is very scary. Knowing God was going to protect him and having a confident and reassuring doctor helped ease our fears. Liam was blessed and his surgery went GREAT! So great that the doctor said his hips looked how kiddos hips usually do at the midpoint follow up. So he only needed the cast for 6 weeks instead of 12! Praise God! While this time in the cast healed one hip very well the other was still having trouble staying in the socket.

So here we are again 13 months later going in for an evaluation to get a second opinion. At one of the best pediatric orthopedic hospitals in the U.S. and with some of the #1 orthopedic surgeons in the U.S. Although his original ortho doc said yes he will need another cast we are praying and hoping that is not the case. But if so we are better prepared this time around!

I just want to share a few things we did to make this trial in our lives a little easier. As always leaning and trusting fully in our God makes all the difference. It gives us a peace about the whole situation and reminds us that God uses these times for His glory. We want nothing more but to honor Him and be his light in this dark world. We know he is using Liam to show his miracles and grace. So all around pulling close to Jesus and leaning on him is most important.

Second I want to say how important it his for full body support when your little one has a half body cast on. We know its super hard to find something that your little one can sit in/on comfortably and happily. Through all my research, the best recommendation from other hip baby parents was to use a bean bag! We will be getting a bigger one as the one we used the first time around, well, Liam’s grown out of it. Through using the bean bag he never got any sores and had all the support he needed while he was awake.

Third the diaper situation, well, it can be a little tricky. So again with all my research I figured out that using disposable diapers (Pampers… yes I know they are far from natural but they hold the best) with the flaps cut off worked the BEST! The cast will have a little cut out for the diaper to fit easily in and keep you baby clean.  So after cutting all the tags off we would stuff the diaper in as best we could, from the outside it just looked like he was wearing a diaper like usual but under the cast. To keep the diaper in place a lot of hip baby parents suggested placing an even bigger diaper over the outside and secured over the cast to keep the diaper in place. We couldn’t help but to feel this was a waste of a diaper. So being that we usually cloth diaper we placed a one size cloth diaper on the outside and just changed that daily if it stayed clean, which most of the time it did. This not only saved money but also looked cuter!

While this won’t be our first rodeo we know we have much more to learn and grow. We know God uses all things for his glory and that trials are to build our character and bring us closer to Him. Any kind of surgery is scary as a parent for your child but with God’s blanket of peace over us we know He is the ultimate physician and has it all under control. We know all the people praying for our sweet Liam make all the difference in our lives because the power of prayer is just so mighty! We know our little superhero is already being used by Jesus to shine bright and we hope He continues to use him for His glory!

Do you have a hip baby or know someone who does? I’m sure we will have some much more to add to this list this second time around and I can’t wait to share what we learn! Being that we have a new little one, we are already researching ways to promote healthy hip positions for a newborn. Here is a site that explains well how to do a hip-healthy swaddle. I’m excited to see how things go this time around as we have more knowledge in natural healing and use essential oils daily! I’m curious to see how my oils can benefit Liam in a cast!

Thank you so much for reading and sharing. I hope this helps whatever your situation may be. Glory be to HIM!

Mama Gillean💛

On the last day, the climax of the festival, Jesus stood and shouted to the crowds, “If you are thirsty, come to me! If you believe in me, come and drink! For the Scriptures declare that rivers of living water will flow out from within”.  John 8:37-38


5 thoughts on “This won’t be our first rodeo

  1. Hi! I just wanted to send my well wishes for your son. I had hip displacia in my left hip when born, but it went undiagnosed until I was 2. I had a body cast for a year after 2 major surgeries. I went to Boston children’s hospital and had an amazing surgeon. I have no issues (32 years old now). So I just wanted to let you know that it does workout in the end! Best of luck.

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  2. Thank you! Liam is still working on rolling over but we know God has a purpose for all of our trials. We say he is our little super hero and its just giving other kids a chance to catch up with his awesomeness! As long as we keep the faith and keep on believing God will continue to show us that joy!

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