The diagnosis is not the prognosis. 

The diagnosis is not the prognosis. 

As we are approaching Liam’s 2nd birthday. I can’t help but think about how far he’s come. My little guy was born and had the doctors scratching their heads. It wasn’t until the second week in the NICU that they gave us a diagnosis. Liam was diagnosed with Trisomy 9 and Trisomy 18. They told us how rare our boy was but also that they didn’t know how much time he had. The doctors couldn’t tell us much about it except that they didn’t know much about it.

At the very moment that we received the news we were terrified. You never think anything could happen to you until it does. It felt unreal at the time but we held on to our faith and trusted God’s will to be done. Looking back the term Chromosomal disorder sounds a lot scarier than it really is to us. God has brought us through this time and will see us through to eternity. Having a child with challenges is our Normal. It’s what we know and what God has planned for us. We are blessed to have been chosen by Our Creator to be his parents.

Each day that passes it seems that we learn something new about our little Liam. We learn that He is on loan to us and we are to raise Him up in the word, not the world. We know he will only be as much as we let him be. So we plan to give him every opportunity possible to be just like any other kid. The only difference is Liam is a superhero with an extra chromosome. Through this diagnosis he has shown that God is in control and just because the doctors don’t know the future doesn’t mean God doesn’t. Our Saviour has everything planned out and knows every step Liam will take.

We put all our Faith in his great plan for our family and hold on to His anchor. Contrary to what the doctors suggested, Liam is ALIVE and THRIVING. We are so blessed to have Liam in our family. We know God could have chosen anyone, but He chose us! We hold on to Gods promises and know that someday in Heaven Liam will have no struggles and no challenges. Our boy will spend his time on earth being used by God and for His glory.

Have we had trying times? Of course we have, but they have built our character and brought us closer to Jesus. We are called to praise God for our struggles because in our weakness He is glorified. I read an amazing sticker today saying, “If you find yourself a bit irritated or overwhelmed. It’s a sign that your spending less time with God and more time in this world.” This spoke to my heart because this is a struggle for me. I know Gods peace is ALWAYS in my heart, but there are days where I just need prayer. My God fills me with His Love but the only way to keep this Love flowing is by reading His word.

So when the Doctors tell you your child might have challenges, tell them My God is greater and His will be done! Trust God has plans to use that precious baby to bring more people to know Him and he has entrusted you with caring for that sweet baby! Regardless of our Liam’s time on this earth we know he is fulfilling Gods plans and he has a purpose. All the Glory goes to God.

As always thank you for reading. I pray God uses our trials and seasons to help you through yours.

Mama Gillean💛


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